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David Diekamp

Barbara Peck, PhD


A Missouri native and lifelong resident, Dr. Barbara Peck earned her PhD in Art Education at the University of Missouri in Columbia.


Her artwork in the book include the illustrations of the gravedigger’s cottage, the Merryweather barn and homestead, Stella the mule, Maggie the dog, and Civil War relics found on the Merryweather property.


An educator for some 30 years, she has taught a broad scope of students at both high school and college levels. Her love of art is surpassed only by her love of travel and spending time with her family.


She freely shares her personal philosophy of art and says: “Learning to draw is like learning a language.  And, its value comes when you have something to say.”


Dr. Peck may be contacted at:

The five main characters in the book (Audry, Sam, Bow, Jacy and Django) were drawn by professional designer and illustrator, David Diekamp. A mid-Missouri native, David earned a bachelor’s degree from College of the Ozarks where he studied graphic design.


He began his career with the University of Missouri’s College of Agriculture, where he designed publications and display materials. Later, David discovered a colored pencil technique that led to new illustration opportunities as a freelance artist.


As his clientele has increased via word-of-mouth, David has accumulated a significant portfolio of diverse illustrations. He has pursued a direction of realism in his work through which he has successfully reproduced complex textures, patterns and intricate details. David’s greatest satisfaction comes from the look of appreciation from his clients regardless of the challenges.

David resides in Macon, Missouri with his wife Jennifer and their three children: Jake, Luke and Katie.


To view David’s portfolio, please visit this online address:


To discuss projects and fee schedules, contact David at:   


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